Jul 3, 2014


Shirt - Religion
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - H&M
Choker - Asos
Stockings - Local

I'm in love with religion clothing, they have so many beautiful pieces and I was excited to find a shirt I've had my eyes on for weeks on sale!
What I regret is not sizing up so it would've been a t-shirt dress which I really like at the moment, their sizes run quite small (as this one is menswear). The print is really nice and doesn't feel like it will wash out in the near future and it's really well made.

Again with the stockings I really like wearing recently, they are really comfy and did not rip at all yet which I feared would happen. 

I don't own a lot of skirts as I'm most comfortable in shorts, but isn't this one pretty! I love all things leather so I was excited to see this one at H&M and got it even though I prefer real leather ( especially the smell and feeling of it) but it doesn't look too faux; and it's definitely easier to wash which is a big bonus for lazy me. 

Paired with some simple heeled boots ( what a surprise ) I really like this darker look!

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