Jul 31, 2014

This is HELL and we can't leave

Shirt - Glad News
Shorts - H&M
Shoes - also H&M
Chokers - Asos & DIY
Hello everyone! xx
Quick Outfit post today!

I can't even express my love for this shirt, I mean look at the back. "THIS IS HELL AND WE CANT LEAVE" is the perfect print for me, I love darker clothing so.. it's an awesome find! I got this in Tokyo's Shibuya 109 in a store called Glad News. 

Paired with some black short and thigh highs, as I wanted this shirt to be the main focus of the outfit ( and I didn't feel like wearing color today ) 
My obsession with choker necklaces is shining through again too, 3 in one look haha!

I also own too many black boots, maybe around 15-20 pairs by now but they're just perfect shoes for every outfit and so versatile, I might make a shoe collection blog post in the near future :)


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