Jul 2, 2014


 Dress - H&M
 Shoes - Asos
 Chokers - Asos
 Sunnies - Ray-Ban
 Jacket - Zara

Could you ever guess what my favorite color is? It's WHITE! Who would've thought. 

I'm in love with these shoes, but they are soooo heavy! They are so heavy, I have to climb up stairs in slow motion because it's that difficult to lift up my legs!!
But I'll cope with it and call it an extra work out because they are just too pretty. 

This leather jacket is my favorite one, it's fits so perfectly and has the perfect shape and detailling. It's so soft and pretty I could wear it everyday, even in this heat. 

Maxi dresses.. I'm actually really tiny so it's difficult to find maxi dresses that fit without me having to change the length so you can imagine how happy I was when this worked on me. And the material of it is really light; so it's easy to wear even when the sun's out.

All jewelry I wear in this post is from Asos.com, with the exception of the long cross chain which I bought in Tokyo.

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