Jun 29, 2014


Crop Top - H&M
Choker - Asos
Shorts - Zara
Suspenders - Takeshita Dori in Tokyo
Shoes - Sammydress

My very first outfit post on this blog, I'm so excited!
I found this amazing crop top in H&M two weeks ago and immediately fell in love with it. Tokyo is my favorite city, so of course I had to take it home with me.
Paired with some suspenders I bought in Tokyo last spring, I thought it made a great fit.

I think crop tops need to be paired with high waisted skirts, shorts or pants.. At least for me so I still feel decently dressed even with some skin showing. (That's why I also like to throw a light jacket over sometimes) It was really windy outside today so I threw on some simple shorts, not risking anything. 

You can't really notice it on these pictures, but the stockings are fishnet ones. I never thought I'd like them but I gave them a shot and well.. I love them! That's why I often pick out things I would normally not pick out at the first look while shopping.. because I often fall in love with them after a while. ( Do I even make sense, I don't think so sorry)

Heeled boots are my guilty pleasure if you can say so. I own way too many and pair them with almost everything I wear, this fit being no exception. This pair is actually from sammydress.com and was reeeally cheap so I wonder how long they will last me. The size fits perfectly and they're really comfortable, which I was really surprised with as they were just under 20$. So I do recommend them.

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  1. I love your outfit! Your shoes are killer <3