Dec 14, 2014

Absence of Color

Shoes - YRU
Top - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Socks - Asos 
Hat - Primark
Jacket - Zara 

It's been a while !! 
I just wanted to settle into college life, my new home and some other things before I continued blogging, but now I'm back. Did you miss me? :)

I'm IN LOVE with my first pair of YRU boots, these are the Hercules ones. I actually wanted them in black ( you know me ) but they were sadly sold out so I went with the white ones! White boots in winter.. maybe not the best choice but spring is going to get here sooner or later. These shoes are so super comfortable, and I don't say this because I'm used to wearing heels but they really are! You don't even notice the height at all and they're amazingly light for a pair of platforms. My other black pair of buckle platforms from Asos are so heavy my legs are sore the morning after wearing them all day, I could run a marathon (If I had the condition.. which I don't) in these YRUs. Definitely not my last pair to buy from them. + they give you legs for days!

I just came back from London yesterday and finally found a black fur jacket that I really love at Zara. I wanted one for the longest time but never saw one and thought "that one's gotta be mine" until i saw this one. It's so soft and cosy you wouldn't even believe it. But sadly the fur sticks to everything and whatever you put in those pockets comes out with a little black fur on them so.. I have to deal with that.

I don't actually own white shoes so this was hard for me to pair up, I'm not sure on black tights with them it clashes so much even though it's only 2 colors. I really love how the white thigh highs look with them tho and the black stripes makes the whole outfit come together without the need to wear all white ! Together with the hat and the huge black (and really warm) jacket I think this look came out to be rather cute :)

Oh yeah! I'm back to blonde for a while, the pink was such a bother to keep up with. I had to dye my hair at least twice a week to have a nice even color throughout.. Maybe I'll get back to it in spring.

Sep 15, 2014

Pastel Pink Hair

It's been a while! And as you might have seen on my others social media accounts, I dyed my hair cotton candy pink. It's a very beautiful baby pinkish pale pastel color, and as so many of you liked it and asked me how I achieved it.. I thought why not tell you on here.

The dye I used is from La Riche Directions, I mixed both of their Carnation Pink with Lilac.
I  mixed a 1:2 ratio with the two dyes to eliminate any orange undertones from my already platinum blond hair with the lilac. If I would've just used the pink on it's own I would've probably gotten a peachy pink color. To make the mixture pastel and not vibrant, I just used tiny drops of the Directions dye and diluted it with white conditioner. Any cheap one will do because you need to use most of the bottle in order to cover your whole head. 
Mix the color you like, but remember it will turn out at least 1-2 shades lighter than what it looks like in the mixing bowl. I just applied the dye on my damp roots and worked it into the rest of my hair evenly. Make sure to not miss a spot! I then left it on for around an hour before washing it out.
This is how it turned out when hit by the light. It looks more and less purple at different times of the day depending on how light it is so I think that's pretty fun! It washes out really, really fast so make sure to mix a little more so you can re-apply it in the shower at times.
Hope this was at least a little helpful, have fun with your hair!
I have lots of outfits to upload on here because I've been so busy lately and didn't have a chance to show them on here, so look out for that!

Aug 14, 2014

Modern Day Witch

Shirt - Monki
Kimono - Gina Tricot
Boots - H&M
Choker - Planet Babee

It's been a while!
And obviously I felt like dressing up as a witch again, haha! I just think this oversized Kimono with a hood in mostly black tones gives it that mysterious witchy vibe, and I love it !
As the print of the kimono is already very busy with the white spots all over, I decided to keep the colors black and white with a pop of blue!
I love this tattoo choker necklace from Planet Babee! You guys should definitely check them out, they have a lot of different charms and colors of chokers, all very cute :) 

What I'm holding is actually Snape's wand which is a collectible and says "Not a Toy". Nobody can stop me.

Aug 4, 2014

Cross my Path

Dress - Chic Wish
Hat - H&M
Shoes - Asos
Chokers - Asos

I absolutely adore this dress from Chic Wish. I saw it on Lookbook and needed to have it! I love everything with crosses, so the cut-out cross in the front is just perfect. Sadly it only came in sizes S,M and L.. and as I'm usually an extra small this one fits a little big on me and I'd prefer it a little shorter too. It has a really stretchy seam at the back so it would fit a small and bigger bust. Sadly I'm lacking some boobs to fill this dress up! The cups are padded, which is perfect as you can't really wear a bra with this dress. I tried, but it would shine through the cross as the mesh starts really high up. I think the material and overall detail of the dress is amazing, it's up on sale at the moment so definitely check it out if this is your style!

Another all black outfit paired with my favorite heeled boots from Asos, a super comfortable hat from H&M and some chokers! I feel really witchy in this look again haha

Jul 31, 2014

This is HELL and we can't leave

Shirt - Glad News
Shorts - H&M
Shoes - also H&M
Chokers - Asos & DIY
Hello everyone! xx
Quick Outfit post today!

I can't even express my love for this shirt, I mean look at the back. "THIS IS HELL AND WE CANT LEAVE" is the perfect print for me, I love darker clothing so.. it's an awesome find! I got this in Tokyo's Shibuya 109 in a store called Glad News. 

Paired with some black short and thigh highs, as I wanted this shirt to be the main focus of the outfit ( and I didn't feel like wearing color today ) 
My obsession with choker necklaces is shining through again too, 3 in one look haha!

I also own too many black boots, maybe around 15-20 pairs by now but they're just perfect shoes for every outfit and so versatile, I might make a shoe collection blog post in the near future :)


Jul 25, 2014

Golden Leo

Shirt - H&M
Shorts - Gina Tricot
Bomber - Gina Tricot
Shoes - H&M
Stockings - Shibuya 109
Shoes - H&M
Jewelry - Flash Trash

I'm so completely in love with my new jewelry from my Flash Trash, they were so kind to sent me some of their pieces of the new collection and i am IN LOVE. They are such high quality and so pretty, I especially love the ring, I haven't seen a double one like this before and I'll probably wear it every upcoming day. 
And look at that lovely packaging, it's so beautiful!
Definitely check them out at ! They have lots of stunning pieces! 

Isn't this a fun hair-do? I recently love braiding my hair as well as doing other braid-like things like this one, it's so fun and easy to do!

I love leopard print in combination with all black because it can easily be a little too much if paired differently, so I wore it with a pair of high waisted shorts and a stunning top. I simply ADORE the back of it, it's such a nice detail!

Having a fun post coming up tomorrow, watch out!